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A.S.S.C.  -   Alamo Sport Shooting Club

Alamo Sport Shooting Club (A.S.S.C.)  

The A.S.S.C. (Alamo Sport Shooting Club) was founded in 1983 in response to the demand for Action Style Shooting Competitions with Large Bore Handguns (both Semi-Auto and Revolver). This exciting new style of shooting required competitors to quickly draw from a holster and engage a variety of targets at different angles, distances and positions while using full power ammunition to simulate defensive shooting.

 During the early years of action shooting much was learned about firearms, ammunition and equipment as well as different scoring formats and reactive targets.  Early influences were the now famous Bianchi Cup match and the Steel Challenge match.  Supreme accuracy no longer was the ultimate goal, as required in the fading disciplines of NRA Bullseye and PPC.  Function of the competitive handgun grew in importance as the speed of engagement greatly influenced scoring.  Action shooting techniques and skills were developed and refined to take advantage of new equipment and gunsmithing advances, giving growth to numerous action shooting styles such as IPSC, IDPA, Speed Steel, Moving Targets, Bowling Pins, etc.  Happily, the ASSC was present to witness and try all these wonderful developments in handgun competition formats.  

The ASSC is a great entry level club since it provides a venue to test all the various disciplines while allowing the competitor to find his niche.  The ASSC has helped develop and nurture many fine shooters in past years including a 2 time world champion.  Many ASSC members have gone on to specialize in other disciplines with great success.   Matches held by the ASSC, at present, still encourage competitors to broaden their shooting repertoire by allowing both revolver and semi-autos to compete.  Come join them on match day, 1st Sunday of each month, and bring whatever big bore handgun you own.

Equipment requirements are minimal (handgun, ammo, belt, holster, few extra mags/speedloaders, eye and ear protection) and what you don't own first time out usually can be loaned to you by the experienced members. See you on the firing line!

Who to Contact:  Eric Lamberson  210-667-8594

   Email: ericlamberson@sensibleselfdefense.com

   Website:      www.asscsa.com     

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