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Contest your Appraisal

Please check out the link below for information on contesting your inflated property tax appraisal values in Texas counties.  These are copies of live streamed video recorded during the 2019 Tax Appraisal Protest season.  We hope to provide all property owners with assistance in properly and effectively protesting the massively inflated appraisals to business and residential properties occurring statewide. 

The comments made during these meetings are intended to inform property owners and to advise them of the many things they can use to effectively, under Texas law, challenge and protest improper, inaccurate and abusive over value appraisals of both their land and improvements.  The individuals shown are presenting their own research, experience and background into what they use(d) to protest during both informal, ARB formal hearings and lawsuits.  

Good luck and we hope you win a favorable outcome as a result of your protest efforts.

Please excuse any sound/audio and camera alignment issues in the recording as these folks are not actors or professional videographers.  These meetings, not scripted, were hastily assembled to get as much information out as quickly as possible to give citizen property owners more time to prepare for their protest actions.

The below link must be copied and pasted in browser in order to work or highlight and click tab  "open link"

Meeting April 9, 2019 Tye Preston Memorial Library - Canyon Lake, Texas


Meeting April 16, 2019 - Bulverde Community Center - Bulverde, Texas

https://livestream.com/ronavery/property-tax-forums/videos/190090716     (Protest advice by Greg starts at 5:15)

Meeting May 21, 2019 -  Bulverde Community Center - Bulverde, Texas 

https://livestream.com/ronavery/property-tax-forums/videos/191553925       (Protest advice by Greg starts at 4815)

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