Cedar Ridge Range
The shooting range in San Antonio, Bulverde, Spring Branch for safe rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting.

Expert Witness & Case Consulting

General information

     Greg Ferris has demonstrated expertise, in the field and from the witness stand,  in the subjects of Firearm Use/Tactics, Gunsmithing, Deadly Force Shooting Dynamics and Self Defense by Civilians and Law Enforcement.  This expertise has led various plaintiff, defense and assistant district attorneys to seek case consults and expert testimony for clients who are involved in civil and/or criminal cases filed in either State or Federal judicial systems.

      If your legal representative or a client should require assistance in their case please feel free to evaluate his Credentials, References and past Case Experience

     Consult/Testimony fees and expenses will be quoted on an individual case basis, up front.

     Contact Greg Ferris directly for further information and case evaluation.

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