Cedar Ridge Range
The shooting range in San Antonio, Bulverde, Spring Branch for safe rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting.

IPSA/USPSA   Alpha - Mike Shooters

Alpha-Mike Shooters (IPSC)

The Alpha-Mike Shooting Club is an affiliate of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

Of all the clubs shooting at Cedar Ridge Range this one has, by far,  the largest group of "steely nerved, glint eyed" competitors.  These folks can shoot!!

Matches are set with IPSC guidelines but can involve steel targets or paper targets with a big mixture of shooter movement and plenty of rounds expended. 

Matches are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month usually consisting of 5 different stages with scoring based on quality of hits versus time used.  IPSC categories (based on firearm set-up) apply. 

Firearms required are centerfire, big-bore with power minimums for ammunition. 

This particular IPSC club is very "laid back" in style with the particular attention on safety and fun.  New IPSC shooters and novice shooters, in general, will have little problem learning the ropes at this club as the more experienced shooters will gladly provide guidance and shooting tips.  

Who to Contact:  Mario Hesles @ (210) 639-4807


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