Cedar Ridge Range
The shooting range in San Antonio, Bulverde, Spring Branch for safe rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting.

Introductory / Beginner

Introduction to Personal Firearms Classes are available in Handgun and Rifle.

Purpose of this format will be to introduce new shooters to the various common firearm functions and designs through hands-on live fire training.  It will give them a working knowledge of safety requirements, basic handling characteristics and techniques, maintenance requirements, ammunition design/performance and a heavy dose of correct fundamentals for good marksmanship. 

Classes will be held for 1 to 4 students.  Requirements for a larger class/groups must be scheduled by appointment and must be pre-paid.

Scheduling will be set for any Wednesday (Rifle), Thursdays (Handgun), Fridays(Rifle) or Sunday (Handgun) afternoons starting at 3:00 pm and lasting until approximately 5:00 pm.  Students can enroll with pre-payment or can take chances and just show up at correct time.  Walk-ins welcome but priority will be given based on first paid students. 

Fee will be $100/student. All fees/purchases payable in Cash Only.

Cedar Ridge Range will provide for student use all firearms, targets and other equipment  required for the course.  Student may bring any personally owned firearms and the appropriate ammunition if they wish to use those in class.

Minors will be accepted only when a parent is also enrolled and that the parent has made an assessment that their minor has the physical, mental and maturity levels capable of grasping class materials and instruction.  Parent will be totally responsible for minors conduct and assessment.

Instructor reserves the right to limit or refuse access by any student to any portion of class/instruction/firearms that they deem to cause a safety or disruptive issue.

Students should bring their own hearing and eye protection if possible but these items can be loaned or purchased at students option for use during class.  Many students like to take notes for future reference and study, so paper and pen should also be considered.  Casual, comfortable clothing is recommended but avoid wearing jewelry and very loose clothing or open shoe styles.  Hat with a brim is also recommended.

Handgun ammunition that will be required is (minimum of 50 rounds total for each caliber)  in .22 Long Rifle, 9mm, 38 Special, .357 magnum and 45 ACP.  All ammunition must be factory and still in original packaging.  Student may buy elsewhere and bring to class or may purchase their ammunition here at the range before class. 

Rifle ammunition that will be required is (minimum of 40 rounds total for each caliber) in .22 Long Rifle, .223 Rem and 7.62 x 39.  All ammunition must be factory and still in original packaging.  Student may buy ammunition elsewhere and bring to class or you may purchase  ammunition here at the range before class. 

Avoid buying any ammunition which is steel cased or steel projectile.  Use of inappropriate ammo will not be allowed.  No "military surplus" or reloaded ammunition use will be allowed.  Avoid buying expensive "defensive ammo" or specialty ammo. Target/Range/Practice ammunition is suitable.  Do not hesitate to call  (830) 980-4424 for guidance if needed, ask for Greg or Kyle.
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